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we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 on top of several big stories tonight. we are tracking a deadly meningitis outbreak that spread to several states including our area. >> plus a community looking for answers after a spike in violent crime near a metro station, what police want you to know. >> let's take a live look
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outside. it is nice tonight, but changes are on the way for your weekend. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with the deadly meningitis outbreak. five people have died, dozens are sick in six states including maryland and virginia. >> investigators are warning hundreds, maybe even thousands of others may be at risk. bob barnard is working this story tonight. >> that's because of 17,000 vials of the contaminated steroids have been sent to 27 facilities. five in two state are reported to be sick with flu-like symptoms. it's a fungal, not a viral or bacterial form of meningitis that attacks the brain lining and spinal cord now linked to five deaths, 30 others sickened. most of the cases are in
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tennessee, but there are others in florida, indiana, north carolina and, yes, maryland and virginia. all the infected patients received steroid injections to treat back pain. >> it's very important for your listening audience to know that this meningitis is not transferred person to person. >> reporter: dr. alan morrison is an infectious disease specialist with nova fairfax hospital and the said the steroids at the center of this outbreak manufactured at a specialty pharmacy or compounding center in framingham massachusetts were likely contaminated when vials were split to feed a growing demand by hospitals and clinics for medications in short supply. >> in this instance you take a lot or a container of medication and take a sterile container, open it and subdivide its contents and that's done in a very controlled environment i'm quite sure, but it introduces
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the opportunity for human error and for contamination. >> you have to worry about even other medications that were prepared by this same pharmacy. >> reporter: and dr. william schaffner of vanderbilt medical center in tennessee says compounding pharmacies are not regulated by the fda in the same manner drug companies are. >> this has always been thought of as a gap and this is perhaps an example suggesting that this needs to be looked at again. >> federal health officials tonight warn physicians in those 23 states not to use any products shipped from that massachusetts company. it has shut down its production facility and recalled those 17,000 plus vials of steroids at the center of a grow and troubling meningitis outbreak. now to a news alert. we are tracking a dangerous spike in violent muggings around the ft. totten metro station. it's gotten the attention of d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton among other top leads.
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today they took a walk touring the troubled footpath where a lot of that crime has happened. fox 5's audrey barnes with the sorry now. >> if it's the shortest distance -- story now. >> if it's the shortest distance between two points, people will take it. that's the case with this footpath. the problem, it's creepy, not well lit and it's the perfect place to find people to rob for thieves. this foot pat between galloway street and gal -- footpath between galloway street and gallatin is a shortcut to the metro station. >> it's a nice shortcut than going all the way around there. >> reporter: this shortcut is being threatened by a spike in dangerous muggings. >> i think i'll take the other way. >> rep thorter:two most recent muggings here happened during the day at 8:30 a.m. and 2:50 in the afternoon. the victims were robbed of small electronic and cash at gunpoint. >> i don't deal with that path. >> what street does this lead to? >> gallatin.
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>> reporter: after a flood of complaints from concerned residents, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton joined ward 5 council member kenyan mcduffie on what she called a problem solving walk. >> the community is very hopeful because they're telling us not only what's happening nobut what the history of crime is in this area. >> reporter: norton and mcduffie say they'll be working with metro police, the national park service which owns the park and others to come up with permanent solutions to make it safer. >> trying to provide better light, having paved surface and trying to increase visibility around the path. >> reporter: norton says she'd like to see temporary lighting and increased patrols at the park right away while they work on permanent improvements. in the meantime people are urged to go around the park and stay out of the woods at all times because now even daylight isn't a deterrent against crime there. prince george's county police made an arrest in a vicious attack on an elderly man beaten with a baseball bat.
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officers arrested edwin gonzalez. he's held without bond on charges of attempted first degree murder and assault. a few weeks ago police arrested a different man after the victim mistakenly identified him as the attacker. he was later ruled out a suspect. another big story tonight, have you seen this man? fairfax county police released this sketch of a serial fondler. he's hit five times since september always in springfield. he approaches his victims on the streets usually from behind, fondles them and then takes off. fox 5's paul wagner has new details. >> this is the sketch police came up with after talking with several victims who describe the man as income his 30s with dark eyes and -- being in his 30s with dark eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. we showed it to a teen-ager who was victimized days ago while walking in her neighborhood at 9 a.m. she said he had hairy arms and wore dark glasses. >> i was coming from my house
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because i left my sister at school which is about one minute away from here. i was walking back. somebody came behind me and started to touch me. i never met this guy. i never saw him. this guy kept touching me for five seconds or around that, so i pushed him back and i had time to look at him and i saw his face, but he was wearing glasses and a red hat. he started running away towards the school. >> there was no warning? >> no. >> reporter: just came up right behind you? >> yeah. i saw -- i was looking. i saw a shadow on the sidewalk and then i feel his arms around me. >> since september 7th police say the man has fondled women and girls on a path of the 6700 block of metropolitan drive and near the intersection of old key mill road and springfield boulevard. >> clearly he hasn't shown any signs of stopping, so that's the concern is that you have somebody out there who is doing
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something that is invasive that is upsetting and concerning to women. >> reporter: on irving street where a teen-ager was fondled a week ago neighbors want this guy off the street now. >> it's disgusting. i would put a stop to it myself and i've heard other people say that. >> whenever i go out, i certainly look around, see if i can see this guy. the police ask me to do that, i'm going to do that. >> the victims say the man has said nothing during these encounters which have occurred during the morning, midday and at night. >> reporter: so we're talking about a 2 to 3-mile radius in which this man is conducting his attacks. one of them occurred over behind springfield mall, another on old key mill road and two here at exmore and and hibling, one past tuesday. we've been seeing a number of officers here on bikes and undercover officers in cars trying to get this guy off the
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street tonight. paul wagner, fox 5 news. a prince william county woman is facing child endangerment charges accused of running an unlicensed daycare. police found six children under the age of 2 inside the manassas home of carol lupe and say three kids were unattended. investigators believe her 16- year-old daughter was often forced to work long hours caring for the children. lupe is facing four counts. the search continues for a fairfax county teenager tonight. 17-year-old brian glenn has been missing since monday morning. he was last seen dropping his younger brother off at woodson high school. police found his car about 1/2- mile away near fayette park. sky fox overhead today as investigators combed the area for clues. they reviewed surveillance video from a nearby dunkin' donuts. there was a receipt in glenn's car timestamped 8 a.m. monday morning. a live look outside, comfortable, looks like we'll see some changes as the weekend rolls in and rolls out of town.
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sue palka in the weather center with those details. >> i would describe them as dramatic changes, too brian, but tonight things are looking very good. we'll show you our temperatures around the region. first of all, no fog and no showers to deal with. it will be a dry night. our temperature is still 71 democrat that's fairly mild. most other -- 71 degrees. that's fairly mild, most other places in the 60s. the best news of all, the tropical humidity has started leaving town. talking about those changes, i think you can really see them here. still mild in the east, but look up toward the northern plains and here comes a pretty big cold shot. there's the leading edge of colder air, 34 degrees now in international falls, 40 in fargo where they had snow today. in fact, let me show you where it is still snowing way up through the northern plains and fairly significant across portions of minnesota. here is the leading edge of what we've been getting as the
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showers are out ahead of the frontal boundary moving this direction. that's all liquid for the time being. up to the north is the swirling cold air coming in behind the front and it rolls into town this weekend. big changes coming tonight. our skies are clearing out and guess. what get ready for a warm one tomorrow. overnight we drop to 63 degrees. we'll have fair skies with 50s in the suburbs, but our big headline, even though we'll have an 80 plus day tomorrow, we're talking 25 degrees cooler before the weekend ends. some of you may see your first front in the mountains, wouldn't rule out a wet snowflake. we have to talk about the weekend, time-out and the chances for showers. firefighters called to 49th and pennsylvania avenue in northwest to help a dangling construction worker after a scaffold gave way. the worker was wearing a harness. the firefighters got him down with a bucket ladder. he was not seriously hurt.
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out west tonight a former follower of charles manson may be a free man for the first time in 40 years. >> and president obama going on the attack after mitt romney's debate performance. so what's next on the campaign trail? details coming up. >> and the reflecting pool empty again, why it had to be drained just weeks after it was filled at 11:00.  [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. we're following a news alert out of northwest d.c. tonight. four people hurt including a firefighter after a blaze on k street of the one resident had to jump from a window and is now in serious condition. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay, no word what caused the fire. we're following developing news from california. a parole board is recommending a follower of charles manson be set free. the board says bruce davis has served his time. he will be 70 tomorrow. he's been in prison 40 years. he was convicted in 1959 for killing two people unrelated to the sharon tate murders. the parole board will have four months to review the decision,
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make final rule and governor jerry brown will have a month to decide idaf is goes free. big questions over what last night's debate will mean for the race, mitt romney getting positive reviews while some say president obama had an off night. fox 5's tom fitzgerald tracking the reaction. >> reporter: fresh off what many of his supporters viewed as a disappointing debate president obama is trying to hit reset. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. >> reporter: speaking in denver the president argued mitt romney's debate performance was big on style but short on facts. >> the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. the fellow on stage last night said he didn't know anything about that. >> reporter: but mitt romney quickly tried to capitalize on his momentum. >> last night i thought was a great opportunity for the american people to see two very
10:17 pm
different visions for the country. >> reporter: also in denver romney said his goal was to frame the obama presidency. >> he will raise taxes on small business which will kill jobs. >> reporter: while the debate started with a handshake mitt romney quickly landed blows. >> virtually everything you just said about my tax plan since accurate. >> it's math. it's arithmetic. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> he's saying his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: both candidates will meet again in a town hall style format october 16th. a cbs news poll found only 22% of people who watched the debate thought president obama won while 46% said mitt romney came out on top. president obama meanwhile returns to our area friday with campaign appearance on the campus of george mason university in fairfax. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> joining us now is major garrett, congressional
10:18 pm
correspondent with the national journal. thanks for coming in tonight, great to see you. you were at last night's debate. there is a story by a columnist today that thinks the reason why president obama may have had such an off night is because he hasn't engaged with the media much during his presidency, hasn't done a lot of press conferences but done a lot of perhaps softball interviews with magazines and the like. do you buy into that? you've covered him. >> the president has not done many press conferences lately, but that is not the same as a presidential debate. what president obama fell into last night is something of a historical pattern where incumbent presidents are rusty. they're just not accustomed to being confronted on a debate stage that first time out. ronald reagan had this problem in 1984. george w. bush had it in 2004 against john kerry. look, when you're president, one of the many privileges of your office is that where you sit people do not customarily walk in and tell you you're wrong or full of crap. it just doesn't happen. >> right. >> what happens in a debate is
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your challenger looks you straight in the eye and says you're fundamentally wrong and you're taking the country down the wrong direction. the president turns around and says what? i'm doing everything i can. it's that adjustment period the president did not respond well to last night and i guarantee you having talked to many obama advisors in denver last night they're going to retool the preparations, his attitude and demeanor. >> how big of shift in this campaign this was debate? most polls had mitt romney trailing by four, five, six points. now there seems to be a renewed interest in his campaign by perhaps some of these polls. >> i've written this many times this year. gallop had it 49-47 and so did the washington post. going into the debate the same. a lot has happened in this campaign, but not much has changed. this race was tight going on. it will tighten up now. the biggest thing that happened last night is that republicans who had their hand hovering over the mitt romney pang button have put that hand back
10:20 pm
-- panic button have put that hand buck babb and are now solidly behind mitt romney. president obama has structural disadvantages that became threatened. that's what the next two debates will be all about, romney prosecuting his advantage, the president trying to deflect it. >> mitt romney looking clearly well prepared and well versed for that debate is. there a chance he gets a little over-- debate. is there a chance he gets a little overconfident and has these gaffes from the regular person versus the air he breathes '. >> i don't think that's the big threat for the mitt romney campaign. i talked to two senior advisors who said last night if we have a good night, the most important thing we have to do is not dissipate or throw away our advantage, which their campaign has had a tendency to do as it's gone on. they know that internally. mitt romney as a human being and a business person and
10:21 pm
governor, is a preparation execution type person. that's his whole approach. that's what he did last night. the most important thing is what happen between the debates. can mitt romney with his appearances not fumble this, continue to building the momentum? that has been problematic for him throughout the campaign. >> major garrett, i don't think i'll be able to look you in the eye tonight and tell you you're wrong either. thanks. chances are you've seen them on your car. coming up next the movement to cut down on litter in neighborhoods citywide. >> and later tonight metro in the midst of a free speech battle that's so heated metro claims they've received threats, details coming up from.s 
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you've probably seen them scattered near nightclubs, downtown or left on park cars. now a d.c. council member wants to crackdown on flyers left on
10:25 pm
windshields. they're littering the streets all over the city and residents are tired of picking them up. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: they make a huge mess, those flyers left on car windshields which often end up on the ground littering streets and sidewalks. council member jim graham hears complaints from people sick of cleaning them up and is proposing legislation to stop what he thinks leads to littering, fining those who place the flyers on the windshields, but he's not sure who will enforce it yet. >> we want to look at who else can issue the violations. our traffic and parking control officers might very well be authorized. >> reporter: what graham is proposing could come with a legal challenge. some think it could violate freedom of speech. >> i don't think putting a flyer under a windshield wiper is littering. >> reporter: arthur spitzer with the aclu says similar laws have been reviewed by judges in other parts of the country. >> a number of federal courts
10:26 pm
have looked at this very issue in places that enacted laws banning leafletting on cars. three out of four say that law violates the first amendment one court thought it was okay. >> reporter: graham who is a lawyer worked with the council's attorney to draft legislation. neither want to violate the constitution. they just want to clean up the city. >> i believe in freedom of speech, but i think there's an opportunity to regulate this. >> reporter: gram says his ears are open -- graham says his ears are open and he looks forward to a public discussion. he wants to hear both sides. matt ackland, fox 5 news. up next metro says it's received threats over controversial ads that aren't even posted in the stations yet, the free speech battle next. >> also ahead. >> reporter: the giant question marks will be popping up around town. i'm beth parker and i'lling it you why coming up. -- i'll tell you why coming up.
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and their plan includes a trillion dollars in higher taxes. even on the middle class. mitt romney and common sense conservatives will cut taxes on the middle class. and they'll close loopholes for millionaires. obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. [ romney] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when?
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a controversial add is sparking concern on the metro comparing israli's enemies to savages. an attorney for trough says the transit agency has already received a verifiable threat and wants to delay the unveiling of the poster. fox 5's john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the poster is short and simple. it reads in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. pamela geller of a group called the american freedom defense initiative wants the use the word savage on posters designed to appear on american transit systems. >> anyone in a civilian is savage rei. the 10 of thousands of rockets -- savagery. the tens of thousands of rockets going into israels is
10:31 pm
savageness. the 3-month-old babies decapitated is done by savages. >> reporter: managers of the washington area metro balked in part because of recent destructive riotg in islamic nations over a california film ridiculing the prophet muhammad. an attorney for metro told a federal judge three u.s. security agencies cautioned metro about current unspecified concerns. metro also furnished a video shot by a new york post reporter showing one woman defacing one of the 10 posters and another woman trying to block that action. metro is trying to delay the posters until november 1st to allow the world situation to calm down. the attorney for the pro israeli postermaker says metro must display the ads without delay. >> in our civil society the first amendment has the greatest protection. the government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want tone gain in violence, we'll arrest you for -- to engage in violence, we'll
10:32 pm
arrest you because all we'll do is embolden those who want to silence speech by engaging in lawless action. >> reporter: during the two hour hearing the district judge characterized at 1 point the words as hate speech and she wondered aloud whether metro managers were being reasonable in their concerns. she did not immediately issue a rule, but the judge hinted she would rule soon on whether the controversial posters should quickly into metro's system. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. you may have to adjust some weekendravel plans because metro is doing track work. red line trains will single track between judiciary square and ft. totten. orange line trains will also short track through the holiday monday. normal service resumes tuesday morning. it's more than 150 years old, but this week the smithsonian is doing something
10:33 pm
it's never done before, launching its first ever national advertising campaign. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they want to change the way you see them. take a look. >> reporter: giant question marks are appearing on building leading here to a gathering place, a washington institution called the smithsonian. >> the smithsonian is all about questions and answers and it's people who bring those questions to life. >> reporter: so the smithsonian is doing something for the first time, a million dollar national advertising campaign in partnership with target. it is designed to reintroduce the world to the smithsonian. when they did research, they found people all over the country had very fond memories of the smithsonian. maybe it took them back to a family vacation in washington, but the smithsonian wants to be more than just a fond memory. they want people to know there's a whole world here. >> we love being part of that once in a lifetime trip, that pilgrimage to washington, but what we also found is that people had very little understanding of the other things that we do and that we
10:34 pm
could be doing more to help people understand how we can be relevant to their daily lives. >> reporter: of course, there are first lady dresses, civil rights landmarks and friendly frogs, but there's a lot you may not know. >> we operate space telescopes for nasa. we are on the cutting edge of discovering new black holes, of understanding the basis for dark matter, discovering new planets. >> reporter: whether you're a kindergartener or phd candidate, they hoe you'll find something useful at their website, >> those 20 something's, early 30 something's who are living their lives online, that's integrated with the way they live of day. >> reporter: and we hope you'll agree it's -- live every day. >> reporter: and we hope you'll agree it's seriously amazing. >> one of the big attractions at the smithsonian of american history is going away for a short time. dorothy's ruby slippers from the wizard of oz are being
10:35 pm
loaned out to the albert museum in london. officials there have been negotiating for years to get the slippers. they will be included in their hollywood costume exhibit. they'll be heading to london in the next two weeks. >> we'll take them from here beautifully packed. they will go to london, be installed in the case by us and the case will be sealed. >> the slippers wouldn't be gone long. they'll be back on display at the smithsonian by thanksgiving. up next how dozens of people may have goalen more than 400 million -- stolen more than $400 million in taxpayer money. >> and what d.c. police want you to know before catching a nats playoff game. support slowdown for shoppers, retail sales rising less than expected last month this coming after a strong back to school surge over the summer. another bummer for the job market as a new report says plant layoffs rose last month. that may not be a good sign ahead of the employment report due out tomorrow morning.
10:36 pm
the manufacturing sector not manufacturing any gains falling in august by the biggest amount in three years, a steep drop in demand for things like aircraft. another week, another record low for 30 year fixed rate mortgages now below 3.4%, but the low rates are not bringing homebuyers back. how would you like a billion friends? just ask facebook. the social networking site says it now has more than 1 billion users, but facebook stock still, well, doesn't have a lot of friends. it's down more than 40% since its much hyped debut back in may. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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george zimmerman is reportedly considering a defamation lawsuit against nbc. it centers around a phone call zimmerman made to dispatchers in the moments before he fatally shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. the call was edited to emphasize zimmerman's identification of martin as a black male. zimmerman's attorney said the call made it appear as if his client is a racist. a major bust involving doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. attorney general eric holder is calling it one of the largest medicare fraud cases on record. more than 90 people are linked to a healthcare scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars in false billings. >> today's takedown underscores the fact th federal efforts to combat healthcare fraud have never been more strategic, more comprehensive or more effective. >> the justice department created a task force in 2009 to go after medicare fraud. the latest crackdown targeted
10:41 pm
schemes in several cities including baton ruin, brooklyn, los angeles and might -- bat ton ruin, brooklyn, los angeles -- baton rouge, brooklyn and miami. coming up just weeks after the renovation the reflecting pool is empty again, how officials plan to keep it clean. >> seven men disappeared seven decades ago. now their families can finally say good-bye, this story at 11:00. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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the natitude is growing as the nationals get set for the postseason. tickets to playoff games will be hard to come by and d.c. police chief is warning scalpers to stay away from nationals park or risk being arrested. >> you're not allowed to resell your tickets. i think a lot of people are under the impression if they sell it for face value or less that it's not illegal, but it is. >> it's not just sellers that can get in trouble. buyers should be aware buying from a scalper is also illegal.
10:45 pm
the d.c. taxicab commission is whiffed on its proposal to charge extra during playoff games. d.c. mayor vincent gray nixed the proposal to charge a buck extra per passenger two hours prior to the game until 4 a.m. gray contacted the commission about the idea and the proposal was pulled back. the redskins have no choice but to be on top of their game sunday hosting the undefeated falcons at fedex. in our 4 down showdown the offense squared off against the defense. here's lindsay murphy. >> this is the 4 down showdown presented by your local nissan dealers. >> reporter: welcome to week five. i am standing with two of the smartest gentlemen on this team. representing the offense fred davis, representing the defense jarvis jenkins. right now defense is leading 2- 1. defense has some momentum. >> offense has a chance because they have rg3. they're going to try to keep it up a level. >> reporter: rg3 would have a
10:46 pm
chance but not fred davis. >> not fred davis. >> just listen to him. let's get the game started. >> reporter: all right. let's get the game started. 1st down, gentlemen, this is not a nickname for atlanta, a, hot lanta, b, city in a forest -- >> b. >> city in a forest. >> reporter: actually you're both wrong. so let's keep going. c, big a and d, atl. >> big a. >> big a. >> reporter: i'm going that to jarvis. 2nd down. this is the most popular traction in atlanta, a, georgia aquarium, b, worlds of coca- cola, c, botanical gardens. >> coca-cola. >> you're both wrong, keep going. >> c. >> come on, baby, let's go. >> reporter: 3rd down, fred, you have to win these next two to go to a tie. you both jumped the gun on this. the 1998 falcons were known for a touchdown dance started by
10:47 pm
jamal andern. >> dirty bird. >> reporter: i was going to say i give you a bonus point for doing it. if you can do it even better, i'll give you a bonus point. want to do it one more time. >> i'll do it. >> reporter: i'm giving mihm a bonus point. now it's 2-2 -- him a bonus point. now it's 2-2. this musical duo put music on the map in atlanta. >> soldier boy. >> one of the member's first dre is andre. >> andre 2,000. >> >> reporter: jarvis with the defense wins again. go ahead. you can say your piece. >> i told you we were going to win. defense is the hardest team. we'll take it to the ship, baby. get on my back. >> he was taking my answers from me before i got them. >> that's what i do. we get take-aways on defense. >> reporter: good job, guys. defense is now leading 3-1 in the 4 down showdown.
10:48 pm
>> i'm always rooting for the defense. >> that was fun. >> wonder why. >> they were good. >> by the way, for the redskins game at 1:00 sunday about 55 degrees. >> a little chilly. >> about a 50/50 chance of showers. take the rain gear, take a layer. that will feel chilly after 82 tomorrow, a big drop. >> atlanta is not used to it. maybe it will be to our advantage. >> month the lanta doesn't like it -- hot lanta doesn't like it when it's 55 degrees. >> it's only the beginning when we start showing you this snow video. just a few weeks ago it was 105 here. grand forks, north dakota, getting snow today. a number of places got this very wet heavy snow through the dakotas and also in minnesota and yes, it's taken down trees because some of them have not dropped their leaves yet, so limbs down, wet heavy snow across the dakotas and gusts to 40 miles an hour. pretty exciting to see it, i'm sure, for the kids making some
10:49 pm
sloppy snowmen. a lot of that will be tough to deal with because it did not really stick to pavement, but the foliage. it's part of our weather story, too because it will be powering this frontal boundary which will drop our temperature for the skins game to 55 degrees. out ahead of it showers we'll probably see saturday. as the front gets closer to us this weekend, might have another chance for showers sunday. you can see this kind of spinning here. would you believe parts of minnesota have had 12 inches of snow out of this wet heavy gloppy stuff. that will continue the next 12 hours or so as this frontal boundary gets on moving. to our area, the skies clearing out, humidity dropped as well. so it's the going to be a foggy problem for us. because the humidity dropped and dew points are in the 50s, we'll probably see our temperatures running 10 degrees cooler than last night. check out this temperature trend. we are so up and down on this one. average is 73.
10:50 pm
last year we were 53 on this date. today we got up to 81 degrees, tomorrow 82, saturday also on the warm side. the front doesn't come through until the afternoon. so after the front passes you'll know it. the winds will pick up, gustses to 20 or 25. -- gusts to 20 to 25 and sunday 59 degrees. columbus day monday 62 degrees. that's a pretty dramatic drop. i'm sure you'd agree. you can definitely see it chilling up when we look at our high temperature map across the country. we're 81. cincinnati, chicago 77 degrees. here comes the cold stuff, 44 the high in fargo, 58 lincoln and a lot of cooler temperatures definitely making their presence felt across the great lakes eventually into the mid-atlantic the second half of the weekend. temperatures 71 in the city, 57 gaithersburg and frederick. we are definitely going to see temperatures dropping in the suburbs tonight down in the 50s
10:51 pm
under fair skies. it's a dry night and not expecting rain or fog, temperature 63 degrees in the district. your planner tomorrow, get ready for another warm one back into the 80s. everybody was eating outside tonight i noticed in northwest d.c. do it tomorrow night because we don't know how many more of these are left. a couple foggy spots well west of town tomorrow morning but not for the city, 65 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon we're 77 degrees and warm at 5:00 for our fantastic friday temperature of about 81 degrees, a great friday coming, but here we go. we change it up with your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. about 76 saturday. still kind of warm. what about the showers this weekend? we'll time them out on the news edge at 11:00. some showers around saturday, a little better chance for sunday because as the front comes through, a weak little ripple of low pressure will ride along it and bring a few showers through. i don't think it rains all day. we'll talk about the timing for that with the very latest futurecast that came in, kind
10:52 pm
of surprised me, staying cool. that's for sure. coming up on fox 5 new details about the american idol diva debacle. mariah carey makes an eyebrow raising claim about nicki minaj and the war of words continue. >> at 11:00 a family makes a daring escape from a fire all caught on camera, their story next on the news edge. now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> we're here with your look at what is new and noteworthy in the week ahead. it is your capital rundown for the week of october 8th, 2012. monday kicks off columbus day, which is a federal holiday, meaning federal government offices are closed. tuesday, october 9th, is a big deadline in the nation's capital for the presidential election next month. tuesday will be the last day for district residents to put in their voter registration by mail. after that it will have to be hand delivered by the d.c.
10:53 pm
board of elections until october 19th. wednesday, october 10th at 8:30 a.m. former republican senate leader bill frisk will release two new reports from the bipartisan policy center looking at new ways to share health information and new technologies emerging. thursday, october 11th, at 2 p.m. the foreign policy research institute will host a discussion with top policy experts on iran's attempts to spread its influence in latin america and iran's president's efforts to reach out to governments there. on friday october 12th at 9:30 a.m. over at the american enterprise institute panelists will debate whether or not the expansion of u.s. safety nets like unemployment make recessions worse by reducing incentives to work. that is your capital rundown for t week starting october 8th, 2012. you can find all these events and much more on our website at remember to reach out to us on twitter hashtag capital
10:54 pm
rundown. we'll see you next week.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
geckcko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration o of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
10:57 pm
new details about the screaming match between idol judges mariah carey and nicki minaj. carey said after the singers clashed minag threatened to shoot her. she -- minag threatened to shoot her. -- minaj threatened to shoot her. she is staying on the show but just in case hired extra security. public enemy mba could be the rap group listed for the hall of fame. you have until december 3rd to
10:58 pm
cast your vote. inductees will be honored next april. 007 is back, james bond is celebrating 50 years in theaters. fox's william lajeunesse has the story. >> reporter: his name iconic. >> he had kindness and humor. he had sex, an element of danger. he was physically fit. he had absolutely everything. >> reporter: the british accent melting the hearts of millions. >> it gives us a good image of what englishness is. about. >> reporter: and his drink order shaken not stirred. >> also like the vodka. that's about it. >> reporter: the failed character secret agent james -- famed character, secret agent james bond. celebrating the milestone and longevity of the series. >> there's a touch of magic in the film and its history. i think the history of the early ones that just keeps going on and on and on.
10:59 pm
england really produced marvelous technicians, marvelous stunts, marvelous sets all together and they brought finance into the british film industry. >> reporter: even though bond actors have changed throughout the years and 007 always has a new leading lady in his life, question is who made the best bond? >> then there's the people who thought it was roger and pierce was gorgeous. >> i can't help it. i'm still george. >> my friends go absolutely bananas for daniel craig. >> everybody looks good in their pasty in their own way. >> reporter: the 23rd bond film sky fall hits theaters november 29th. william lajeunesse, fox news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. this is how the reflecting pool was supposed to look, but after an aggressive algae problem the pool is

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